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Blueworx helps companies create significantly better customer experiences — experiences that result in long-term loyalty while driving immediate operational efficiencies. We are a team of industry veterans with more than 100 years of combined expertise in voice and mobile application design, delivery and infrastructure support. In January of 2016, we acquired WebSphere Voice Response, Unified Messaging for WebSphere Voice Response, and the WebSphere Voice Toolkit from IBM. 

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We’ve got a great platform, great people and a group of customers that we are eager to collaborate with and serve. In a space where technologies often look the same, we believe that our extreme focus on customer service, communication and relationships creates the ultimate differentiator — and that this will translate into tangible advantages for your business.

The Blueworx platform drives critical customer interactions and business processes. We understand this and are committed to providing ongoing innovation, investment and focus. In fact, we want this to be the last IVR platform you’ll ever own. To do that, we’ll push the envelope on what’s possible, partner with you to maximize your investment and help you deliver customer experiences that are nothing short of awesome. Most importantly, we’ll be here with the support and expertise you need… whenever you need it.

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