How do you serve customers in the most efficient, effective way across channels? How can you master complex, cross-channel interactions?

Let Blueworx show you how to create the ultimate multi-channel experience for your customers.


call routing

Outbound voice
and SMS notifications 

in the cloud

Create smart, personalized and dynamic customer interactions.

Blueworx and IBM Partnering to bring transformation to the customer experience.

Blueworx Voice Conversation for IBM Voice Gateway enables businesses to deliver a more dynamic, multi-channel, natural and fluid customer experience.

With this powerful combination customers can experience a more conversational approach to their interactions and receive resolution to their inquiries more quickly than in traditional interactions handled by legacy IVRs.

A powerful partnership customers can benefit from:

  • Delivers a seamless omni-channel interaction
  • Enables Virtual Assistants or Chat Bot Applications
  • Blends traditional IVR features with IBM Voice Gateway and Watson
  • Integrates with 3rd party applications like CTI and Voice Biometrics.
  • Offered as an on-premises or Cloud solution