So, who are we exactly and what is it that we really do? I mean of course besides being an awesome team of people who might play ping pong between conference calls and rattle an employee in the hot seat once a month by asking them absurd questions (“you’re an ordained minister?!” True story.). We are more than that, we do actually work. Well most of us anyway. And not only do we work hard, but we love what we do. So, while some of us may wear socks with sandals or choose Batman over Robin, we’d like to share with you what Blueworx is all about.

Over the course of the next 12 days we will be showing you who Blueworx is. By day #12, we are confident you will not only choose Blueworx for your business, but shout out to all of your friends (real or Facebook) all of the reasons why you think we rock (and not because most of us really do believe in aliens).

We know the suspense is killing you by this point so here’s a sneak peek of what Blueworx can do for you.

  1. Blueworx and WatsonHow awesome would it be for a call center agent to know who you are even before you call? I mean we all love sharing things like tweets and posts, but the spelling of our last name three times, not so much.
  2. User Experience DesignHave you seen what the competition is doing? Better get on this one asap! Customers no longer buy a product, they buy the entire experience. And with 74% getting referrals from social media – this one is a survival skill.
  3. Agility in the cloud A little cloud goes a long way. Again, no pressure to move everything up, up, and away. Let’s start with baby steps.
  4. Blueworx and Mobile Apps – Go outside. We mean it, walk outside. Where are people looking? Nope, not ahead, but down. They are looking down. At their phone. The chiropractor has got to be loving this era – your neck, not so much.
  5. Intelligent call routingNone of us like getting transferred – heck, we didn’t even want to call in the first place!
  6. Proactive outbound notifications – “If it’s not in my spiral bound organizer, it doesn’t exist,” said no one ever in past decade. Today’s customers need, and WANT reminders sent directly to their phone. Are you not doing this yet?!?!
  7. Unified MessagingEmployees aren’t resources, they are humans. And all humans like when things are made easier. Especially in the work place. Catch our drift?
  8. Interactive Voice ResponseWe swear, this is a big one and we can make it awesome. No more pressing zero for an agent and listening to flute solos while on hold (although they are soothing).
  9. A Carrier-Grade SolutionWe know, you think we’re awesome but let’s just hammer it in. Blueworx incorporates more than 20 years of IBM heritage and is used by some of the largest enterprises and telcos in the world.
  10. Customer self-serviceCommon, everyone is somewhat tech savvy nowadays, just give customers a channel and they can take it from there.
  11. Working with our application and UI Experts – We are not here to upsell you on getting an entire new system (remember, some of us wear socks with sandals). We’d rather just help maximize your existing system so we can get back to playing ping pong.
  12. CX Survey applicationYes! Finally! The customer’s chance to tell you how they really feel. Think of it as constructive criticism. There’s no crying in baseball!

If you’re getting excited about starting the new year with your eye on the prize (ahem… your customers). Don’t wait, contact us today! We’d love to hear from you!