Experience partnering with organizations in the early stages of AI has uncovered two recurring perceptions of how it applies to the contact center. The first perceives artificial intelligence as the solution to every business challenge, and then there are the healthy skeptics that see AI as too expensive, out of reach, and overly complicated for their environment. As you’d expect, there is a bit of truth to each perspective, with reality living squarely in between.

Fortunately there is a repeatable, four step process to help you answer the most critical questions: how do you know if AI makes sense for your environment and, if so, where do you start?  What is your AI Strategy?

 1.  Identify pain points

Start by bringing both business and technical stakeholders to the table to identify sources of friction that commonly affect your business. What are the top reasons customers seek assistance from your contact center? How often are you able to resolve their request on their first contact? Are processes standing in the way of employee productivity and efficiency? While it is tempting to focus solely on delighting the user with incredible experiences, finding an easy solution to their problem is really all they want.

2.  Align objectives

Align the introduction of new technology to organizational objectives to drive acceptance and funding. Define how increased automation will assist in easing pain points. Do you expect to reap cost savings by increasing self-service or automating repeatable processes? Perhaps elevating the customer experience through simplified interactions is a key driver.

3.  Prioritize solutions

While solving every opportunity at once is appealing, it is often difficult to fund and implement successfully. Carefully assess each use case prioritizing those that offer both high value and low complexity. This is where you should start. Use the momentum and support gained through quick wins to build support for continued integration with future projects.

4.  Define success

How is success best defined for your business? Is it by lowering costs? How about an increase in your Net Promotor Score (NPS)? No matter the specific goal, create your definition for success and build a compelling AI story by measuring your solutions against it.

Investing the time to thoroughly address these four areas is the first step to building a successful AI strategy.

For further information on AI in the Contact Center, check out our website page on the Cognitive Contact Center or Contact Us.