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Blueworx is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform that was designed to deliver the highest level of performance, security, reliability and scalability. Formerly WebSphere Voice Response, Blueworx incorporates more than 20 years of IBM heritage and is used by some of the largest enterprises and telcos in the world for speech-enabled phone and web self-service, proactive outbound notifications, SMS applications, intelligent routing, voicemail and more.

The standards-based platform is optimized to run on IBM AIX (v7.1 and 7.2) and Linux and is compatible with all key IBM Power Systems servers, including IBM BladeCenter® POWER® processor-based blades and the latest POWER8 systems. Blueworx applications can run on your premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid deployment model.

Get the advantages of a carrier-grade plaftorm:

Extreme scalability

Supports 53,000 concurrent phone calls in a single 7U BladeCenter and 480 concurrent Voice over IP/SIP connections on a single system instance. Supports multiple logical AIX systems (LPARs) per physical machine resulting in unrivalled scalability. The number of channels per physical machine is limited only by the performance of the machine.

Centralized management

Allows multiple machines to be clustered for large deployments. Uses industry-standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to enable centralized management of shared network resources, such as distributed application and speech servers.

High availability

The resilient environment provides high availability with 99.999% uptime for mission critical applications.

Advanced features

Enables powerful, standards-based voice response applications that improve the customer experience while driving operational efficiencies. Explore Blueworx features and see what’s new.

Don’t stop there… the real advantage is in the app.

A good platform is only as good as the apps you run on it. That's why we invest heavily in providing the support, knowledge and expertise needed to help our customers create highly useable apps and experiences that their customers love. Explore the site to learn more about how we can help you.

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