One of the cornerstones of Blueworx development is to be technology agnostic, giving customers the freedom and flexibility to choose the best complementary products and services for their particular application.  In line with this vision, we have developed connectors to two speech engines – Amazon Speech and IBM Watson Speech.

When we initially designed the modular application framework in Blueworx Voice Response for Linux (BVR), we focused on a design for architecture that could be expanded over time to take advantage of new 3rd party products and services such as AI and speech.  Our recent updates take advantage of this architecture to provide connectors to new speech services.

Advanced speech engine support

MRCP has been the industry-standard method of connecting Voice Response Units with Speech engines for over a decade and is fully supported by BVR. A particular benefit of BVR is the ability to use multiple speech/MRCP resources within the same application; for example, using one vendor for Spanish and another vendor for English by assigning multiple call features to an application and changing locale within the application.

Recent alternative speech engines have opted to use their own proprietary APIs to provide more functionality and flexibility at the cost of compatibility. In keeping with our technology-agnostic vision, Blueworx has developed connectors for two frequently requested non-MRCP speech engines.

Blueworx Voice Response for Linux v7.12 introduces connectors to two Amazon Speech services; Amazon Polly for Text-To-Speech and Amazon Lex for voice-driven chat bots.

Blueworx Voice Response for Linux v7.14 expands upon our collaboration with IBM Watson Speech by offering a direct connection to three IBM speech services; IBM Watson Assistant, IBM Text-to-Speech and IBM Speech-to-Text.

Blueworx have worked closely with IBM to voice-enable IBM Assistant AI applications through IBM Voice Agent or IBM Voice Gateway since their inception. While a valuable addition to many solutions, some customers would prefer to connect BVR directly to IBM voice services rather than through IBM Voice Gateway/Agent.

With support for Amazon Lex and IBM Watson Assistant with IBM Speech-to-text, callers can interact with cutting-edge voice bot applications using regular conversation in a variety of languages. Blueworx enables these applications to be seamlessly integrated with traditional VXML applications, so applications can be migrated at a pace that suits the business without the need for “rip and replace”.


The benefits of our agnostic approach to speech resources are particularly apparent in two scenarios. Firstly, you may want to add a modern, AI-based application to an existing VXML application. Our architecture allows you to use the same voice in your VXML application as you do your AI application, providing a consistent experience to customers. Secondly, your business may find that selecting a Cloud speech provider offers cost savings given your usage patterns.

Resource Blending

The overall unique advantage is that Blueworx enables you to blend technologies from different vendors and choose the best service for your application without any technology lock-in. You may choose to use IBM Assistant applications alongside your existing VXML applications, all with Amazon Polly’s voice for consistency. With Blueworx, the choice is yours.