At the intersection of voice and mobile, there is a
happy customer.

Customers today hop between phone, mobile and web without much thought — until they get frustrated when their journey is interrupted. Do they have to start over? Repeat themselves? Leave the channel they are using? Blueworx can help ensure more seamless service for your omni-channel consumers.

Voice-enable your apps.

Embed IVR and SMS capabilities in your web and mobile apps, providing customers with a easy-to-use, conversational interface to information and services. Tight integration also ensures an easy way for customers to connect to a sales or support agent when they need help.

Use data to drive better experiences.

Blueworx APIs let you link your IVR data and your mobile app data, giving customers a seamless experience regardless of where they start the journey. Gather intelligence from every interaction — from product inquiries to recent transactions — and use this information to anticipate the next interaction and make it better.

Consider this scenario. A customer is using your IVR to report a lost card, but realizes she needs to confirm some personal information. Since she is in a public place, she hangs up and launches your mobile app. Once logged in, the first message presented is “Do you need to report a lost card?” A couple of clicks and a new card is on its way… and you’ve got another happy customer.

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