Integrate the brain power of Watson with the Blueworx Voice Response platform for the ultimate in customer experience.

Together, Blueworx Voice Response and IBM Watson have the ability to make the quality of customer interactions better.  Blueworx enables a dialog with Watson that enhances the ability to analyze and review data in order to identify correlations and offer relevant recommendations or responses quickly. 

Watson has the capability to improve the quality of customer interactions by examining large amounts of data, assessing previous responses or actions and understanding relationships between concepts and facts and then transforming it all into a relevant response.  The result is a more natural and fluid conversation for the customer using the self-service solution.

Blueworx Voice Response and IBM Watson

  • Allows customers to quickly present and find resolution to common issues traditionally not handled by legacy IVR systems
  • Uncovers relationships between entities by sorting and filtering through large amounts of data
  • Quickly converts speech to text audio recordings into a textual transcription
  • Real-time language translation of news or conversations can be instantly published
  • Gathers every experience, piece of transactional data and behavior thereby increasing the level of service with each customer interaction
  • Interacts with customer in a conversational manner when presenting resolution

Free Evaluation

Can Watson help you increase your call completion and drive customer service? Our speech team has across the board experience with all speech engines and can assess your current system, recommend adjustments and implement changes. Contact us for a free evaluation of your existing speech-driven IVR application.