Traditional caller authentication methods often require the customer to provide seemingly endless ‘secure’ information to prove their identity, creating a slow and frustrating user experience. And as fraudsters continue to evolve and develop new ways to scam, these antiquated means of securing personal data and transactions have become less and less efficient. The Blueworx Authentication Service works behind the scenes to go beyond standard knowledge-based verification, creating an innovative, multi-dimensional approach that accurately evaluates each call at every stage of the customer journey- from its start until agent interaction.

AuthenticationAuthentication Services

Identification. The foundation of authentication, ANI identification is a low risk means of recognizing ANI spoofing and opens the door to enhanced self-service opportunities.

Knowledge-based Verification. Leverages the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system and existing data sources to validate callers and nurture routing and self-service opportunities.

Biometric Voice Authentication. Utilizes active or passive voice biometrics to dynamically identify a range of attacks including voice morphing, recorded voices and simulated voices.

Device-based Authentication. Analyzes over 1,300 characteristics to uncover the caller’s device, location and carrier to verify legitimate callers and deter malicious attacks.

  • Cost effective: Integrating a multi-tiered solution designed specifically for your business drastically lowers costs associated with caller authentication and data security, reducing AHT.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Less work on the part of the customer means higher acceptance rates, driving faster issue resolution and creating an optimized customer experience.
  • Customizable: Build trust through a multi-dimensional solution that analyzes the entire lifecycle of a call from initiation to agent desktop.
  • Intelligent: Delivering the caller’s profile along with customizable authentication success or alert saves time and avoids authentication repetition.
  • Efficient: Increase productivity by freeing agents to focus on the caller’s needs rather than authenticating the caller’s identity.

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