Blueworx Cloud Pricing

Blueworx pay-as-you-go service keeps you connected.

Blueworx Cloud comes packaged with everything you need to create and deploy AI, IVR, or VoIP applications with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. You pay by the minute for usage, plus associated telephony services.

  • DID and toll-free number options
  • Full VoiceXML and CCXML browsers
  • Business-friendly configuration interface
  • Best-in-class ASR / TTS / NLU technology
  • Unmatched reliability and scalability
  • Ongoing maintenance and 24/7 support
Free Trial

Get started with Blueworx Cloud free for 12 months with no commitment required. After you deploy your initial Blueworx Cloud applications, you receive

  • 1,000 call minutes and 2 concurrent calls per month
  • Direct inward dial (DID) number
  • Freedom to configure, deploy, and manage applications and voice agents
Production Usage

Blueworx Cloud production pricing is dependent upon call volume and starts at $0.05 per minute or $50/port per month plus the cost of the Blueworx Voice Response platform.

Two options for phone service are available:

  1. Blueworx Telecom Carriers: Provided at a rate of $0.015 per minute for US TFN and DID traffic per each call leg — inbound or outbound. International rates for outbound calling vary by destination but can be provided upon request.
  2. Customer SIP Trunking: You arrange with a VoIP carrier to handle your call traffic and terminate your traffic on Blueworx’s Public Internet VoIP trunks provided at a rate of $0.005 per minute.

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