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Want the power of artificial intelligence, but don’t want to replace your contact center infrastructure? That’s where Blueworx can help.

Blueworx Cloud is a powerful, standards-based platform for conversational AI, IVR, and SIP VoIP applications. It’s the world’s first application platform to offer mixed-mode features, where you can run AI applications from IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, or Google Dialogflow alongside VoiceXML applications. Blueworx Cloud offers enterprise-class CTI integration, telephony connectivity, and is ACD agnostic for retail like simplicity, at an extremely low price.

Blueworx lets you set up a virtual agent in minutes, creating and designing contact flows (similar to IVRs) using a modern, visual interface – with drag and drop nodes that instruct agents how to react to customer interactions.

  • Simple configuration and run interface designed with today’s business user in mind.
  • No hardware to deploy and no per-agent licenses.
  • Pay as you go pricing model based on the number of minutes consumed.
  • Easily scalable to support situations where call volume is unpredictable, spiky, or both.
  • Pre-built integrations with every major contact center technology.
  • CRM and services integrations with leading providers such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Oracle Service Cloud.

Unique among our competitors, customers can leverage the same automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology, natural language understanding (NLU), and text-to-speech (TTS) that powers Watson and Amazon Alexa. Allowing callers to simply say what they want instead of having to listen to long lists of menu options and guess which one is most closely related to what they want to do.


Blueworx Cloud is available as a free 12 month evaluation. The trial versions are for your evaluation only and come with one BVR license for use. You are not allowed to sell, distribute or otherwise make any commercial use of the IVR scripts produced by the evaluation versions of this product.

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Try Blueworx Cloud free for 12 months

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