Empower channel choice.

Deliver a seamless, consistent experience from channel to channel.

Creating an incredible customer experience with Blueworx Contact Center

Customer Experience (CX) is considered the number one differentiator when it comes to customers value of services. They value interactions above almost everything and are sure to tell you when expectations are not met. Customers are also becoming smarter and increasing their level of expectation for these enhanced experiences, increasingly looking for more personalized, easy and fast service.

So just how can businesses keep up with these ever changing expectations? It’s time to look beyond the obvious areas of opportunity and dig into what is at the heart of the customer journey. Uncovering the areas where technology, automation and processes intersect will enable business to punch past the current state of the customer experience and taking it to the next level.

At Blueworx we understand the need to look past the obvious and seek to understand customers engagement behaviors, understand their preferences. Gaining a perspective of the entire customer journey gives us the edge on matching our innovative technology with a deep understanding of customer behaviors and how best to design a journey that meets and exceeds those expectations is what Blueworx does best.

The Blueworx Contact Center

Omnichannel Customer Service in the Cloud

Blueworx delivers an all-in-one omnichannel cloud contact center solution that supports a customer’s ability to seamlessly move within different channels in order to communicate and complete a request.  Interactions are supported within a unified agent desktop, using omnichannel routing across all communication channels, enabling the contact center to deliver increases in agent productivity all while improving costs.

Next-Generation Omnichannel Customer Experience

Customers can easily select channel of choice to communicate with throughout the interaction.  Blueworx Contact Center supports voice, video, and all digital channels, including chat, email, messaging apps, and mobile communications. Communications that are initiated in one channel can easily be changed to another channel with the simple click of a button while maintaining the context of the interaction is maintained. For example, a chat session can be escalated to a voice call, or a call can be switched to a messaging session. Moreover, Blueworx a enables rich communication interaction by combining live conversation, message exchange, and document sharing to provide fast and efficient customer experience.


Seamless Integration CRM Solutions

Increase agent productivity by leveraging seamlessly integrated omnichannel communication into a desktop CRM of your choosing. Blueworx offers out-of-the-box integrations with Zendesk, Salesforce, ServiceNow Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle RightNow, and other CRMs.

AI and Bot Applications for the Contact Center

Deliver an intelligent, personalized and real time experience for customers with applications that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI). Whether is it an agent assisted call or a chatbot interaction, every interaction can quickly get a boost in delivering a more relevant and personalized experience.

  • Automate with a human touch
  • Conduct conversations with customers automatically
  • Advise and assist agents automatically
  • Easily search both digital messages and calls
  • Route customer interactions based on emotion and sentiment
  • Proactively address changes in customer behavior improve interaction quality

Key Features of Blueworx Contact Center