financial-services-hero-bgGreat service means going the extra mile to surprise and delight customers. It has often been said that the customer experience is the battle ground for winning customer’s hearts and loyalty. So what do customers really expect these days and how can businesses really measure up?   It might be as simple as getting back to the basic building blocks of customer interactions: speed of service, knowing your customers, owning up to mistakes and recognizing that you should always err on the side that the customer is always right.

Today we are impatient and we have grown more impatient with every passing year. In a world of on-demand and right-now service, our expectations as customers is to never wait long. That plays out if we are standing in line, on the phone, awaiting a chat reply and of course email. A survey conducted in 2011 stated that customers waited on average 17 hours for a reply – and that has not changed. The survey was conducted again in 2016 and it found that the average wait was still 17 hours. This demonstrates the gap between service delivery and customer expectations. In that same article another key aspect of great customer service focused on getting to know your customers personally so that you can service them better. Starbucks provided a great example of that with giving away 350,000 drinks for those customers that introduced themselves while ordering, plus the customer received a very personalized cup with a bit more than just their name written on it.

Customer expectations of speedy and personalized service extend to every industry and is definitely one of those areas that it is critically important.

Customer Service is Our Passion

At Blueworx we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service to our loyal and long standing clients. Our team of Blueworx Software Engineers have 100+ years combined experience and expertise on the Blueworx IVR platform, spanning product development, software architecture, project management, and solution design. Customer service is our #1 priority and this experience, stability and deep technical expertise ensures that this is always the case. Everything we do is backed by 24x7x365 support and a relentless obsession with our customers’ satisfaction and success.

Our team is focused on building those relationships that drive customer loyalty and satisfaction and we take great pride in customer feedback.

We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction:

  • Listen to customers
    • 100% positive feedback received from customers….their words, not ours..” I really like your support team members, and the team professionalism”, “Paul was a great help getting this resolved (as was David), thank you.”
  • Respond quickly
    • We provide 24/7/365 technical support over the phone and online
    • Our customers benefit from the fact that we have support staff in the UK and the US which means we have a focused team of experienced professionals for more hours in the day as we follow the sun from one geo to the next.
  • Build relationships
    • Timely communication on product notifications and upgrade information
    • Customers work directly with out developers to identify and resolve any product related issues.
    • We offer a forum for customers to submit feedback, ideas and suggestions on product delivery and development.
  • Deliver on product development
    • Our customers have the ability to download Feature Packs containing new capabilities as well as Fix Packs containing fixes for any issues identified with our products.
    • Customers have access to the latest security updates to protect their platform from viruses, malware and hacks.

At Blueworx we are passionate about the customer experience and support is a critical component. If you are interested in Blueworx voice and contact center solutions contact us today.