Design and deliver smarter omni-channel customer experiences with ease.

Creating the next generation of contact center self-service applications has never been easier. Blueworx CX combined with Blueworx Voice Response delivers significant value to the customer journey, driving higher engagement, satisfaction and bottom line results for contact centers.

What is Blueworx CX

Blueworx CX is the only platform and toolset that supports the whole lifecycle of self-service applications, from design to deployment to tuning and ongoing management. You can quickly improve the customer experience, simplify the design and development of contact center applications, make changes and updates quickly, all while protecting your investment.

It’s easy to reduce the complexity of deploying sophisticated self-service solutions and improve performance throughout the customer experience. This allows businesses of all sizes to easily incorporate new communications channels such as Chatbots and Artificial Intelligent applications into a traditional self-service solution.

With Blueworx CX you can easily design, implement and manage a more personalized and intelligent approach to self-service applications atop a Blueworx platform. Empowering the delivery of a seamless and relevant customer experience no matter what channel they are using.

IVR Voice

SMS Chat
FB Messenger
Web Chat

Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Agent

Benefits of using Blueworx CX atop Blueworx platforms

  • Design Once, Deploy AnyWhere enables you to streamline the development of an application in one channel and then easily deploy it across other channels.
  • Channel Continuity delivers a complete omni-channel experience leveraging context cookies that enable customer to return to a task where they left off, even if they use other channels to continue an interaction.
  • Web-based development User Interface making it simple to design IVR and interactive text response applications.
  • Mobile Application development that can extend voice self-service applications with SMS, social and mobile applications.
  • Proactive notification, utilizing outbound Voice and SMS channels for appointment reminders, notifications and other personalized messages.

Blueworx CX is a full suite of tools

This complete suite of tools spans the entire development lifecycle for new applications. From application design, development, testing, deployment to performance reporting, Blueworx CX provides the most complete approach to omni-channel development.

Key Components of Blueworx CX include:

  • BCX Server: A runtime Java application server
  • BCX Continuity Server:  A database with REST API or content continuity
  • BCX Designer/Developer:  A user facing developer environment for dialog creation
  • BCX Business User Interface:  User interface that offers flexibility to make real-time changes.
  • BCX Commander: A system administrator view, giving you a complete view of the solution
  • BCX Analyzer:  Business intelligence for self-service with over 50 standard reports
  • BCX Natural Language Understanding

Blueworx CX Development Lifecycle

Key Features

  • Design once, deploy anywhere architecture
  • Support for omni-channel applications spanning voice (IVR), text (Chat, SMS, USSD), Facebook Messenger, Twitter and mobile Web applications for smartphones
  • Deployed with Blueworx Interactive Voice Response (BVR) self-service platform
  • Personalization to address preferences and deliver seamless interactions
  • Support for multi-tenant or premises-based deployments with cluster management
  • Third party integration, development and administration tools through BCX’s comprehensive web service interface
  • BCX User Interface enables non-technical users to make real time changes to operations
  • Access to analytics enabling developers to access data on self-service performance, application usage, user navigation and user interactions for complete application tuning
  • One-click for service redeployments and application rollbacks
  • Integrated testing and debugging tools for pre-deployment performance testing
  • Management dashboard for real-time monitoring, server and services management
  • Complete ability to view caller behavior within applications
  • Integrates with artificial intelligence engines

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