Release 7.7 of Blueworx Voice Response for Linux

Contact centers today are actively looking for opportunities to leverage enhanced self-service as well as proactive outbound interactions that drive customer loyalty and reduce the cost to serve.  In today’s competitive market, where maximizing customer loyalty while reducing costs are key business metrics, offering a proactive approach to common reasons customers call in is imperative.  The dissemination of time-sensitive or personal information delivered quickly and consistently is a requirement to meet today’s customer demands.  The essence of outbound calling or text messaging is being proactive, preemptively contacting a customer before they have to contact you for information.  That is why Blueworx continues to make features like outbound calling more efficient and effective for businesses.

Blueworx Voice Response (BVR) offers an effective way to meet the demands of customers, allowing businesses the ability to deliver alerts and notifications that are relevant and personalized.  Our team continues to enhance BVR capabilities and how services are delivered through improved automation and resource management.   The latest release of BVR 7.7 for Linux brings more efficiency in how inbound calls are connected with outbound calls to improve interactions and the ability to detect fax machines as well as voicemail.

New Release of Blueworx Voice Response 7.7 for Linux

Centralized Outbound Calling API

The Blueworx Resource Manager (BRM) is now a central point for initiating outbound calls from a Linux cluster rather than instructing a BVR machine directly. When BRM receives a request to initiate an outbound call, it selects an appropriate BVR machine in its cluster and passes on the instruction. This is particularly useful for load balancing outbound calls and in situations where BVR Virtual Machines are taken in and out of service and changes to IP addresses occur.

Bridged Transfer Support in CCXML (and VXML when controlled by CCXML)

This new feature enables inbound calls to be connected to outbound calls through BVR using the CCXML join and unjoin commands. This can be useful in several situations:

  • The SIP trunk provider doesn’t support SIP REFER.
  • There is a need to log outbound costs, perhaps for billing purposes.
  • There is a need for BVR to stay in the loop of the call.  For example: to pull the call back and reroute.

Fax Call Progress Analysis (CPA) for Outbound Calling.

In addition to Answering Machine Detection, the Call Progress Analysis feature in Blueworx can now also detect Fax Machines. This is a valuable addition for outbound calling campaigns.

Sample Applications

BVR for Linux 7.7 includes sample applications for Fax CPA and all types of call transfers,  features that can be quickly taken advantage of by developers.

For more information on Blueworx Voice Response for Linux 7.7 or to learn more about Blueworx Voice Response Contact Us today.