Skytap Cloud to support Blueworx in delivering a migration path to the Cloud for AIX and Linux platforms.

Blueworx, a provider of Interactive Voice and Customer Experience solutions designed to deliver efficient, scalable, and reliable voice technologies, announces a partnership with Skytap, a global cloud provider. Skytap recently announced the availability for support of AIX operating on the Skytap Cloud. Skytap Cloud is the only public cloud offering that supports AIX, Linux and Windows.  This partnership enables Blueworx to provide a migration path to the Cloud for Blueworx Interactive Voice Response (BVR) platforms running on AIX or Linux operating systems. Read more about Skytap here

Blueworx IVR is known as the most scalable and reliable voice platform in the industry, with its development roots at IBM Labs.  Many of our customers choose to run their systems on the AIX Operating System, however have been looking for cost effective ways to move their systems into a Cloud environment.  Sometimes, this move can require a complete rewrite of legacy applications costing the customer time and money.

With Skytap, Blueworx is able to provide IVR customers running on AIX or Linux with a simple path to the Cloud on existing technologies. In using Skytap Cloud, Blueworx can offer customers the ability to clone, share, or suspend these application environments in a single click, eliminating physical resource constraints of application development.

This modernization of the AIX platform enables AIX and Linux systems to run side-by-side and also allows Blueworx to deliver IBM Watson’s language and speech capabilities through a cloud-based IVR solution for customers that prefer AIX systems.

“We are confident in the ability of Skytap Cloud to accelerate our ability to assist our customers in migrating to a cloud environment and start taking advantage of the benefits a cloud solution can provide.  This would have been difficult with standard migration approaches due to the need to rewrite legacy applications, but by using Skytap we can speed up the process and reduce the overall costs to customers to take advantage of the Cloud” said Dean Upton, Director, Blueworx. “Skytap gives us both fundamental technology for running our business, and a simple approach to evolve how we create exceptional customer experiences.”

Contact us to find out more about how Blueworx can modernize your Blueworx IVR running on AIX today and start taking advantage of the benefits of the Cloud.