Delivering enhancements to protect every customer interaction

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Blueworx, a provider of Interactive Voice and Customer Experience solutions designed to deliver efficient, scalable, and reliable voice technologies, announced the release of Blueworx Voice Response 7.9 for Linux. The new release provides enhancements for both on-premises and Blueworx Cloud solutions with the same secure, rock-solid stability and unparalleled scalability expected from Blueworx Voice Response.

Blueworx Voice Response is a customer experience platform designed to deliver the highest levels of performance, security, reliability and scalability.  Add to that the ability to deliver a high level of security for customer interactions.  When it comes to growing businesses, secure transactions for your customers’ sensitive information and data is critical  – especially when it comes to payment options.

New advances in general commerce and payment technologies are available to keep up with the new rules and regulations when it comes to consumer data protection.  Blueworx is committed to the continuous delivery of new enhancements to Blueworx Voice Response that enables businesses to deliver an advanced level of PCI compliance.

In our latest release of BVR, version 7.9, we have taken the next step in delivering a PCI compliant cloud service in addition to several other enhancements that continue to build on the solid platform reputation our customers have come to depend on.

Blueworx Voice Response 7.9 for Linux new functionality includes:

  • Secure SIP/RTP data delivery
  • DTMF actions in CCXML
  • DTMF Clamping for suppression of DTMF tones
  • Inhibit logging of sensitive data
  • Support for Postgres v10
Increased Platform Security

Increased platform security delivers support for Secure SIP (SIPS) and Secure RTP (SRTP) encryption for all call data and audio being transmitted over the network.  Standard SIP sends call data and audio unencrypted, making it vulnerable to breaches. Encryption can be enabled for inbound and outbound calls, as well as for audio streamed to back-end services such as MRCP speech engines and IBM Voice Gateway.

In addition, Blueworx Voice Response for Linux 7.9 can be configured to prevent the logging of sensitive information in files, traces and the Kafka event pipe; an important feature for keeping customer data private.

Note: SIPS and SRTP is already supported on BVR for AIX.

Key Security Enhancements: 

  • Secure SIP support for inbound and outbound calls
  • Secure SIP support for MRCP and IBM Voice Gateway connectivity
  • Secure RTP support for all streaming audio
  • Support for HTTPS encrypted communication to the Centralized Outbound Calling API
  • Logging enhancements to allow the BVR platform to be configured to obscure sensitive information such as recognition results or DTMF keys in the BVR
CCXML Enhancements

With the 7.9 release, DTMF  tones can be recognized by a call control (CCXML) application even if a Voice (VXML) application isn’t running. This is a significant benefit to enable agents, while on a call with a customer, to use DTMF key sequences to transfer a customer to a secure connection for applications such as secure payment.  Typically, when a call is routed to an agent, an IVR is just a bridging device without a voice or VXML application running to listen for tones.  Blueworx Voice Response v 7.9 delivers the ability for an agent to trigger a call bridge to a secure payment system and includes DTMF clamping, which suppresses the agent’s ability to hear the DTMF key sequence when entering in private payment information.

Learn more about Blueworx Voice Response and let’s talk about ensuring your data and customer interactions are secure and delivering the best customer experience.

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About Blueworx

Blueworx is an Interactive Voice platform designed to deliver the highest level of performance, security, reliability and scalability. The enterprise-grade platform is optimized to run on Linux or IBM AIX® and is compatible with Intel and IBM Power® servers. Blueworx is used by some of the largest enterprises and Telcos in the world for customer self-service, proactive notifications, intelligent call routing, voicemail, SMS applications and more.

The Blueworx team consists contact center industry veterans with more than 100 years of combined expertise in software development, interactive application design, delivery and infrastructure support.