In my last article on virtual assistants and bots improving CSAT by cutting down on boredom ( ), one thing I didn’t address was how to add automation to the contact center without it being perceived as just an extension of the IVR.  Because, let’s face it, most people don’t like IVR, and few of them understand that without IVR, product costs would increase.  So, how do you use chatbots and virtual assistants without adding to the frustration of the customer?

First, we need to address what people want.  In its simplest form, customers want to solve problems as frictionless as possible.  Today, most people know how to self-serve.  However, when it comes to complex problems, a lot of people still want a human touch.  So what then?  Is there a place for automation?  Absolutely. And artificial intelligence is the answer.  So how do you use those cognitive chatbots/virtual assistants in an effective manner? Here are a couple of examples:

  • Sifting through knowledge base to find the best solution to the problem. With the continual growth of data at exponential levels, there is little chance that an agent can know all the best solutions to all the problems that your customers have – especially with the high rate of agent churn. Cognitive chatbots can assist the agent in finding the best possible solutions faster than they would without technology. This not only will cut down on your average resolution speed, but also on training costs while ensuring consistency in your brand.
  • Providing specialized knowledge beyond the education or retention level of your agent.  For example, when people seek resolution to their tax or legal problems, it is cost prohibitive to put CPAs or JDs in contact centers. However cognitive bots can aid live agents in resolving customers’ inquiries.

At the end of the day, what most people primarily care about is getting the most accurate answer to their problem in the shortest time possible. Thus, if you’re resolving their problems quickly, whether via human agents or automation, you’re improving customer experience.

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