Fight fraud and improve customer satisfaction with Blueworx’s Caller Authentication Service

Live voice conversations have the identity of the caller quickly verified, providing a better customer experience.

More than 70% of customers choose phone calls as their favorite customer service option when dealing with Contact Centers. Efforts to divert traffic to other channels which do not involve a live agent have been somewhat successful, however, the ideal customer experience appears to involve the personal touch of a phone call.

Blueworx’s Authentication Services work behind the scenes to go beyond standard knowledge-based verification, creating an innovative, multi-dimensional approach that accurately evaluates the call at every stage of the customer journey—from initiative to agent interaction. Incorporating the latest technology for voice biometrics, phone printing and tone printing, businesses can accurately evaluate every caller interaction and create a secure and optimized experience.


  • Drastically lower costs associated with caller authentication and data security, reducing AHT.
  • Improve the customer experience by shortening the time and effort required to authenticate.
  • Build trust through a multi-dimensional solution that analyzes the entire lifecycle of a call.
  • Deliver the caller’s profile to the agent along with customizable authentication success or alerts.
  • Free agents to focus on the caller’s needs rather than authenticating the caller’s identity.


Customers prefer to conduct their affairs with brands that offer easy ways to get their business done quickly, efficiently and safely. Authentication is a necessary step in the process and a customer is well-served by a company that has provided that security feature with Blueworx’s Caller Authentication Services solution.

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