Rethink, Re-invent, Revive Your Customer Experience

Blueworx Voice Conversation for IBM Voice Gateway delivers the next level in the Cognitive Contact Center.

Customers today are demanding more from their interactions with businesses. What are you doing to connect with them on a new level, across more channels and are you empowering them to resolve their issues on their own with more proactive and self-service options? IBM and Blueworx know customer experience and are focused on delivering solutions that drive a more cognitive approach to engagement. Transformation is critical for success today and in the future.

It’s time for a transformation of the customer experience, are you ready?

A revolution in the traditional contact center experience is underway now. No longer do customers communicate or search for information on a single channel; typical transactions today include multiple channels of communication. If you’re not providing a consistent customer experience across your voice channel, SMS, text, chat and mobile services you just might be left in the dark ages.

Blueworx is partnering with IBM Voice Gateway and IBM Watson to deliver a fresh, powerful and unparalleled Cognitive Customer Experience. No other combination can deliver a single solution that allows customers to utilize both traditional and cognitive IVR capabilities which can be integrated with an existing contact center environment as well as other third-party applications like CTI or voice biometrics.

Delivers a seamless intelligent user interaction

Easily deploy Virtual Assistant or Chat Bot Apps

Blends traditional IVR features with the power of Watson

Massively scalable and reliable Telco-Grade Platform

Integrates with 3rd party CTI and Voice Biometric solutions

Flexible deployment Cloud or On-Premises

Transforming the Customer Experience

A powerful combination, Blueworx Voice Conversation for IBM Voice Gateway is taking the customer experience to a new level of amazing by blending the traditional capabilities of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and the power of Watson.

  • Intelligent Interactions:  Blends the traditional VXML Directed Dialog with Watson Cognitive Voice applications to deliver a seamless, intelligent user interaction.
  • Flexible: Available on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Consistent: Provides a consistent user experience with Watson Speech and Cognitive Applications with VXML.
  • Powerful Voice: Delivers the Power of Watson to the Voice Channel.
  • Proven: Telco-grade reliability and enterprise scalability.
  • Secure: PCI Compliant solution.
  • Speed to Market: Offers ease of application development with Watson API’s.
  • Multi-Channel:  An intuitive platform that makes extending cognitive to multiple channels simple.
  • Self-Service: Ability to develop Virtual Agent or Bot applications and connect to the Voice Channel.

If you’re looking for a transformation in your contact center, let Blueworx and IBM help you uncover the possibilities. Contact us today!