Seize Every Opportunity to Delight Customers

Optimize Contact Center interactions with Blueworx’s real-time collaboration and content sharing solution.

Deliver a new level of collaborative services which enables customers to share important content with an agent in order to quickly resolve issues.  This digital interactive experience allows callers to submit or share information over their smartphone or other devices to ensure any issue, no matter how complex, can be easily resolved.

Digital collaboration delivers benefits for customers and agents:

  • Reduces call handle time  
  • Increases customer engagement in issue resolution  
  • Reduces the time to resolve a service or support issue
  • Increases opportunity for cross sell and sales conversion


Have you ever been searching for something on a business website and just can’t find it? What if you could collaborate with an agent that could ‘see’ what you see and help you browse the site to find what you are looking for in real-time?

What if you need assistance in filling out a form on a site, like a mortgage or loan calculator?

With Blueworx Collaboration you can easily share the screen and have an agent walk you through the form in order to speed up your interaction.


Share & Sign Documents

Would it be helpful to be able to sign documents immediately, while still on the phone with an agent? This solution provides an easy interactive customer experience that offers a familiar, branch-like encounter that provides the ability to collect digital signatures for important documents or simply to send rich images and review key documents in real-time.

This feature assists agents in increasing sales conversion with a quick immediate opportunity to sign documents while still on a call.

Share and sign documents

Bi-Directional Video Chat

Blueworx Collaboration enables customers and agents to easily engage in a video chat in order to create a personal and interactive experience. Similar to Skype or Zoom you can easily achieve a ‘virtual branch’ experience.

Bi-directional video chat

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Analyze the performance of customer interactions across channels, providing actionable data to enhance the customer experience. Blueworx provides dashboards and reporting features that enable system administrators to track and report on customer interaction behavior and agent performance.

Improve your customer experience with digital collaboration and content sharing for the Contact Center. Blueworx provides collaboration services as part of the overall customer experience solution that is focused on delivering a more personalized and consistent interaction across all channels.

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