What if we could tell you the contact center can be better, faster, smarter and more successful in creating loyalty with your customers that is long lasting? Creating a better customer and agent experience has been a goal that businesses have been chasing for decades. It is finding the delicate balance between agent efficiency, self-service performance and customer expectations that continues to be the challenge for most businesses. How do you create a smarter experience for customers and agents without sacrificing something?

Self-Service or Live Agent:  Customers Want Both Options

Transforming the customer experience is not just about automation and personalization of the front end, it is also knowing when to escalate an interaction from self-service automation to a live agent.  Most customers would rather have the ability to solve their issue with self-service and automated services quickly and easily.  However, when that is not possible they still want to know they can speak with a live agent when needed.

All too often customers call into an automated service line only to be stuck, blocked and the worst case, hung up on as they attempt to contact your business.  Customers expect you to provide a full-service experience, which means getting to a live agent when and if they need to.  And that live agent needs to be fully aware of who the customer is, what they might be calling for and if they have been trying to access information from any other channels.  This creates a much more personalized and content rich experience with the customer.

It is not about having self-service or live agents, it’s finding the delicate balance of how to leverage the best of both approaches that delivers on customer expectations and drives down the cost to serve customers.

AI is Creating a Smarter Approach to Agent Interactions

Businesses continue to explore new technologies to help contact center agents serve their customers better and meet the changing customer expectations. Solutions that use artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and machine learning all give agents more information about each caller, enabling them to provide more relevant information to the customer and reduce the overall resolution time. Equipping agents with more information, more relevant options for customers is key to driving real results for the business and also for customers.

With AI technology, agents can now be more empowered, more knowledgeable and quickly resolve a customer’s issue.  AI is creating Smart Agents, agents that are delivering a more relevant resolution to customers in less time.  The impact to the business becomes reduced cost to serve customers and increased loyalty of agents and customers.

The strength of AI is the ability to deliver enhanced tools and the data infrastructure that is required to deliver a more effective customer interaction.  Optimizing the benefits that AI can bring to the customer experience and the business is all about creating the perfect mix of technology and live agents.

  • Contextual Experiences.  Blending AI with live agents delivers a more contextual and personalized interaction.
  • Reduced Resolution Time.  Leveraging AI, agents deliver faster, more efficient service to customers, reducing time to serve. Increased resolution rate, reduced time on the call and improved customer satisfaction all result. Businesses are experiencing up to 37+% reduction in resolution time and improved NPS scores when adding AI assisted services.
  • Empowered Agents.  Agents that are assisted through service interactions with more relevant data regarding a customer are less frustrated, happier and loyal.  Loyal agents reduce turn-over rates and the cost of hiring and training new agents.
  • Increased Service Capacity.   AI will fuel the growth of delivering a better experience as the demands of customers grow and the complexity of interactions increase.  Growth of interactions and the volume of customer interactions will require contact centers to rely on AI to handle the additional traffic.

A new level of agent is emerging using the power of AI, enabling them to deliver faster, better, more relevant and personalized service to customers.   Smart Agents are a driving force in the transformation of the contact center from the inside out.  Powered by AI, live agents are a key component of the complete customer experience.  So what is your approach going to be?

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