Deliver User-Friendly Voice Self-Service

Customers today place a high value on speed and convenience — increasingly opting for the do-it-yourself approach to answering questions and solving problems. With Blueworx, you can deliver self-service applications that take advantage of advanced IVR platform capabilities, intelligent SMS applications and over 100 combined years of experience developing solutions that drive increased customer satisfaction while reducing overall business costs.

What types of solutions can you build? Here are some ideas:

Auto attendants

Don’t bounce customers around. Use a speech-driven auto attendant to make it easier for callers to connect with the right person, department or location.

Order status and tracking

Provide real-time, 24×7 voice and text access to updates on product availability, order status and shipping information.

Virtual assistants

Use natural language understanding to enable conversational customer service over voice and SMS. Simply let customers ask a question to get a fast, human-like response.

Application updates

Let customers check on the status of a credit or loan application. Use outbound notifications to proactively push updates to customers.

Account management

Empower customers to quickly check their balance, lookup a recent transaction, move money, pay a bill, request a statement and more. Use business and customer data to dynamically personalize menu options for streamlined interactions and a better customer experience.

Secure authentication

Integrate IVR with voice biometrics to enable customers to easily and quickly authenticate their identity without talking to an agent – or dealing with frustrating security questions.

Customer surveys

Measure customer satisfaction and gather feedback by offering automated surveys at the end of a self-service call or agent interactions.

Store locators

Make it easy for customers to use their voice or text messaging to quickly find a nearby store, branch, office or ATM.

Collaborate with Blueworx to create customized self-service applications for your exact needs

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