Measuring Contact Center Performance

Uncover opportunities to improve agent performance and drive customer loyalty.

Many businesses rely on contact center agents to provide a consistent and friendly service that offers customers a quick resolution to their needs. But what happens when that positive interaction doesn’t take place? What happens to the unhappy customer who called your business and did not get the service they expected, or did not get their issue properly resolved?

You probably have heard the statistics before but they are worth repeating. Standard research continues to show that 65% of customers would cut ties with a brand over a single poor experience and it is 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep one.

In other words, there’s a lot riding on every customer interaction. That’s why Service Management Group (SMG) is partnering with Blueworx, along with more than 350 other brands, to measure and improve the customer experience across every touchpoint. The alliance promotes loyalty and satisfaction and increases sales for your business.

With SMG AgentTrack—our contact center survey—you are able to invite customers to the survey immediately after their experience—whether it’s by IVR, email, or chat. Those survey results are reported in real time on a role-based reporting dashboard, which helps supervisors identify coaching opportunities, focus improvement efforts, and track performance over time.

That means the next customer isn’t just important—it’s an opportunity to know more and do better.

Want to measure the performance of your contact centers in real-time?

Contact us and let us help you uncover the gap between customer expectations and actual performance delivery. There’s no overstating it: expectations are high and your customer loyalty is constantly at stake.