AI ForestGetting lost anywhere is never fun, but what about getting lost in a forest? Unknowingly trekking your way over downed tree branches, jagged rocks and dusty trails, you’re being ever so cautious of what’s around the next corner. Maybe a bear? Maybe a snake? Whatever the case, the unknown is an eerie place to be. The forest of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no different and with the abundance of information that’s available, it’s easy to get to lost. Don’t go rationing your supplies just yet.  With our guidance, navigating through AI will be a breeze.

Step 1: Do not panic! Understanding the benefits that AI can add to your contact center is critical to developing a successful strategy. AI can reduce the cost to serve customers by increasing metrics like call containment or increasing an agent’s productivity as well as their capacity to deliver services. Not to mention you’ll be creating an experience for customers that is more natural and interactive than the traditional static call flows.

Step 2: Assess your environment. What are your existing technology and business objectives?  What technology or productivity challenges are you having that could be solved with adding intelligence into the process?

Step 3: Follow the river. Look around and understand how your competitors might be using AI to deliver a better customer experience. Are they offering self-service with virtual agent or chatbot? Customer expectations are changing so you must know the landscape of services and how best to deliver differentiated interactions.

Step 4: Examine your pack. Remember that rationing comment? Now’s a good time to see what you’ve brought with you on this journey. What processes or areas of your customer experience can be enhanced by adding intelligence or agent assisted services?

Step 5: Find resources. Edible plants? Water? What other channels can be used to support your customers with AI?  The customer experience is omnichannel, covering multiple channels, often all in one interaction. Having a strategy that includes AI across channels will provide more flexibility as well as scalability within the customer experience.

Step 6: Make a shelter. If it’s getting dark, it’s time to settle down and create a strategy to slowly implement AI in key places. There are many options available to utilize AI within the contact center. It is not an all at once solution.  With the right provider you can build a strategy that enables you to build upon existing technologies and tactics.

Step 7: Know your direction. Get out that compass and determine your budget and understand the ROI. If you have assessed the landscape, you know what technology and business processes can benefit from AI.  Now it is time to develop the plan, remembering it is a journey and not a 5K race.

Step 8: Start a fire to keep warm. Get going and signal for help if you need a consultant. If you find yourself still questioning the tangible benefits of adding AI to your contact center, ask for assistance.  Partner with a provider that can help you assess your user experience, identify areas that could easily benefit from AI and then build a plan to drive additional intelligence across all channels.

Implementing Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have to be scary or even difficult. As with all technology, to make the biggest impacts you need to ensure you set out with specific goals and objectives in mind. We are happy to be your trail guide to make the transition as enjoyable as roasting s’mores. Contact us today for a complimentary Discovery session.  We can help you find those quick hit areas to improve performance and enhance the customer experience.