The holidays are in full swing and even if you couldn’t tell already by the Christmas lights that adorn the many homes, you definitely can tell by the wait times, especially when calling into customer service. Two days before Thanksgiving I received text messages notifying me that packages I had ordered from an online giant had been delivered. Awesome, I thought. I love how technology has advanced so much that I knew the exact moment to leave my warm office chair to open the front door. Only this time as the chill blew into my face, my porch was empty. No package, and definitely not two that were clearly marked as delivered just minutes before.

I decided to wait a few hours, this has happened before where they scan all of the packages at the end of our block and trek them down on a flatbed delivering house to house just like the jolly old man himself. By 9pm I decided they likely weren’t arriving. I logged onto my computer and went to the online chat in hopes that they could see further into the delivery details than I could. No avail. My agent, Cindy, only reiterated what I had already seen. And while apologetic, proceeded to tell me that they have a 24 hour “buffer” before they’ll mark the package as missing. In most other situations, I might have been fine with that. This one, not so much. It’s now hours the day before thanksgiving and guess what was in my packages…Thanksgiving dresses for my daughters. Dresses that I had ordered with expedited shipping to arrive on time. Cindy, my agent, proceeded to ask me a series of questions that simply by digging slightly deeper into my account, not only could she answer herself, but she might have been a little more sympathetic knowing the number of years I had been a customer as well as the amount of money I have spent with them.

All in all, us both frustrated beyond belief and two hours later she agreed my packages were not arriving in time and eventually refunded my order as now I had to go out with the masses just before turkey day and find three matching dresses in three different sizes which is no small task.

AI is trending stronger than ever in the customer service world. Often times, AI is what’s fueling conversations that customer service representatives are having with customers, without them ever knowing it. The “machine” listens, in real time, to the conversation between the customer and the agent, and then provides useful information to the agent so that he or she can, in turn, give the customer the best solution possible.

Had AI been implemented into this system, this process could have been solved within minutes saving both time and money. The second I called in – or live chatted – the agent, assisted with AI, would have been provided with a wealth of information. She would have seen how long I had been a loyal customer, what type of items I typically purchase (ahem…girl’s clothes), the reasons I have called in the past – or not called in for a better sense, the amount of refunds I have ever requested (none!), and so much more. It would have not only saved both of us hours of time that Tuesday night, but it would have kept a very loyal customer.

Given how hectic the holidays are, why not invest in ways to make it easier on not only your agents, but your customers as well? We’d be happy to help with our complimentary discovery. Our UX experts listen to your IVR and then review performance metrics along with an analysis of your brand. We are able to determine where you can complete even the simplest updates to improve the productivity of your IVR. Our goal is to help you increase metrics such as call containment rates, thus reducing calls to agents, which allows them to spend extra time on more complex issues.

You will receive a 1-2-page report offering high level insights into those areas that could immediately benefit from new or revised applications designed to deliver a more productive and intuitive caller experience. What are you waiting for? Contact Blueworx today.