We write a lot about customer service but we think it’s pretty essential to tBatman Robinhe success of any business and we also know that companies not meeting these ever so changing customer demands will be left out to shrivel up and die a slow and painful death. Ok maybe not that bad, but you get the point. We have tried to instill the value of actively listening to customers across a range of platforms, implementing lightning speed responses, and providing agents with the super human resources they need to succeed. But among all of these uber important survival skills, we have yet to discuss two crucial elements of customer experience: effort and emotion.

Effort and emotion is an almighty and powerful duo – think Batman and Robin. Both have the power to make or break the customer experience and yet it’s rarely brought up…until now. It’s time to expose the ways we engage with customers and maintain longevity in these relationships.

Emotion (AKA: Batman) is one of the weakest points of the customer experience and yet the vast majority of businesses fail to track emotional indicators when they comb through data. As a result, huge chunks of valuable analysis is lost. A customer’s emotional reaction is a powerful factor driving customer loyalty and failure to understand this data means the company is not understanding how consumers truly feel.

According to Temkin Experience Research taken from 20 different industries, customers who have a positive emotional experience with a brand are 25 times more likely to recommend that company, 8 times more likely to trust that brand and 7 times more likely to purchase from that company. Put simply, brands not fostering positive emotional connections with consumers risk losing them to competitors which ultimately affects their bottom line.

The second factor is effort (AKA: Robin) which is closely linked to and also impacts, a customer’s emotional reaction. The effort in the case of customer service is the amount of energy a consumer feels a brand puts into the customer’s needs and expectations. A lack of effort equals negative emotional relationships and directly impacts the long-term loyalty and success of the company.

Emotion in customer experience is about listening and truly understanding how customers are feeling. Effort shows consumers you honestly care about their emotions and empathize with their feelings. Businesses must implement both factors, as a pair, in order to directly impact the entire customer experience. Demonstrating effort is not possible without diving into consumer emotions and vice versa. We cannot demonstrate effort without authentically engaging with consumer emotions. Conversely, we cannot understand emotions without deploying the effort to listen.

So, how do you create an experience that supports emotions and effort easily? You leverage the power of IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blueworx IVR to deliver a more engaging experience that listens and understands how customers feel. With Blueworx we will help you create a Batman and Robin experience while simultaneously driving tangible business results across industries.