Let’s face it, contact centers are not that exciting – but times, they are a changing. This next year the focus across the board will be on the customer journey. Customers are not just buying products anymore, they are buying experiences. We’ve put together a list of facts to show you just how crucial the customer experience is and will continue to be, both now and in the future.

6 Fun Contact Center Facts to Start Off 2018:

  1. By 2020, Gartner predicts that 25% of contact center operations across all channels will integrate some form of virtual customer assistant.
  2. $62 Billion will be lost by US companies due to bad customer experiences according to a NewVoiceMedia Study.
  3. A Help Scout study revealed that customer service agents failed to provide adequate answers 50% of the time.
  4. According to Statistica, agents are handling 58% of customer interactions.  The combined usage of the web, email, IVR and chat channels is less than 35%.
  5. Spending on cognitive and AI solutions will grow more than 59% per IDC.
  6. According to a Webby research report, 70% of Millennials prefer some other channel to voice.

So great, we’ve given you all this data, but what’s it really mean for your contact center?

  1. Companies are losing revenue opportunities by not providing quality interactions.
  2. As the Millennials grow in buying power, contact centers need to re-balance their infrastructure to accommodate the need for an omnichannel customer journey.
  3. If your company isn’t investing in the cognitive, omnichannel contact center, your competition is.

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