We give Interactive Voice Response a good name.

Blueworx combines great technology with a team of people who know what it takes to deliver exceptional voice experiences. Even in the age of mobile devices, messaging and social networks, voice remains the most used channel for customer service. Are you delighting or frustrating your customers?

Blueworx enables a wide range of inbound and outbound IVR solutions for customer service. Provide speech-enabled access to company and customer data, automate manual business processes and quickly connect customers with the right departments and people. That’s just for starters. We have helped hundreds of companies discover new and better ways to tap into the potential of voice response technology.

The Blueworx IVR platform is the framework for better voice applications.

  • Rich speech-enabled voice response functionality based on industry-standard VoiceXML and CCXML
  • Works with MRCP compliant third-party speech recognition engines
  • Audio prompt and Text-To-Speech (TTS) support
  • Scalable, redundant, and resilient centralized application management
  • Support for TDM, VoIP/SIP and hybrid environments
  • Encrypted VoIP support (Secure SIP/RTP)
  • Integration with leading Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) products
  • Support for iLBC compression to reduce bandwidth requirements over IP networks
  • A full-featured voice development environment, including graphical call flow building
  • Java and VoiceXML application configuration interface

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