Providing a great customer experience through your contact center goes a long way towards building loyalty to your brand. Satisfying this need takes more than ramping up staffing or adding more automated call systems. Integrating artificial intelligence solutions into your contact center can create a more dynamic user experience for your customers.

Adding Personal Notifications

Making Blueworx Notification Service part of your contact center drives you closer to this goal. Outbound notifications allow you to proactively deliver information customers need in the format they prefer. It removes the responsibility from their shoulders of needing to call into your contact center for information.

How They Work

Each organization can design Blueworx Notification Service campaigns unique to their business needs. You control things by setting up rules on how they apply to different contact lists. The rules specify things like the type of media used for the notification, parameters around using that media and adding restrictions over delivering each message.

Messages can be sent individually or sent out to thousands of recipients. Here are some examples of ways you can configure different Blueworx Notification Service campaigns.

  • Appointment reminders from physicians or other healthcare providers
  • Reminders to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy
  • Alerts from schools on things like snow days or other school closings
  • Notifications of outages from utility providers
  • Reminders from charity organizations about an upcoming event
  • Messages from service shops about the completion of repairs

Any business can find ways to use contact center notifications in ways benefiting their customers and clients.

Contact Center Improvements

The Blueworx Notification Service can be used in a contact center to track the success rate of connecting during outbound calls. It can reschedule calls automatically if it encounters issues like busy signals. These calls can be set up to dial only during hours considered to be less intrusive and suited to the time zone of the recipient.

You can generate more cost savings by using contact center outbound notifications to respond to customer inquiries before they even need to ask questions. A contact center can handle periods of low activity by launching notifications which give users the option of contacting an agent. Controlling inbound call traffic this way without needing to increase staff during busy periods helps generate more cost savings for your company.

Screen Pop Option

You can opt for CTI software for further management of outbound calls. It allows you to create Screen Pops capable of transferring live calls to agents in local or remote call centers.

Extensive Flexibility

You can choose from a variety of media for message delivery.

  • Phone calls
  • SMS messages
  • Emails

The Blueworx Notification Service can be installed using cloud-hosted or on-premise options. It can also work if you have a hybrid of both solutions.

Our browser-based administrative interface gives your staff full control over every aspect of the notification service.

  • Campaign start and end dates
  • Addition, removal, and removal of different contacts
  • Addition, deletion, or modification of all content
  • Creation of campaign-based reports
  • Access based on roles

Your staff can configure campaign parameters for different languages, the type of data sent through media, and constraints based on time zones.

Interested in learning more about adding outbound notifications to your contact center? Contact Blueworx today.