All this talk about modernizing the customer experience can quickly get overwhelming.  You have many options to enhance the customer experience today with natural language speech, incorporating other channels like SMS, chat and even visual IVR or go all the way to leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

Self Service the Old Fashioned Way

Voice self-service was originally created to automate the caller experience and deflect calls from the contact center.  It was intended to provide some relief from the simple and mundane questions that agents were answering and enable them to spend more time helping customers with more complex issues.  Voice self-service was the first place a customer could go for help, however, it quickly became hard to navigate and a cause for major customer frustration.  From a business perspective it was an opportunity for call containment and call deflection but for customers it was a maze that was more like a barrier to getting what they needed.

Then, along came the introduction of speech self-service.  You now had the option to speak your problems and be guided to the right place without all the button pushing.  Improvement?  Yes, but if it was implemented poorly it could be even more frustrating and sometimes caused customers to yell into the phone – which then caused the call to be mis-routed.

Today, the contact center is desperate for transformation in order to keep up with the rapidly changing expectations and demands of today’s customers. When it comes to improving the customer experience there is little room for error and in many cases, you may only have one shot to create an experience that will engage them and drive loyalty.  The need to modernize the customer experience is the single most important thing a business can do today to drive loyalty and satisfaction.

Modern Customer Experience

So just what does a modern self-service customer experience look like?  What are the requirements and what benefits does it provide to businesses?

The customer experience of today is all about empowering customers, placing them in control of the interaction.  Customers demand more out of their business relations today:

  • Know me, my preference and how I interact with your business.
  • Don’t make me repeat things – ever!
  • Allow me to start an interaction on your website using a chat window and then get me to an agent when I need more help, without me doing anything.
  • Reach out to me proactively when you have information that will help me or remind me.
  • Just make it easy.

Customers are connecting and moving across various channels in order to complete a single transaction and they expect you to keep up with them. Knowing that customers count on the ability to connect via any channel, how do you ensure that you have what it takes to interact with them on their terms?  That means ensuring you can ‘see’ where they have been, on your website, in a chat session or on the phone. And you better believe they expect you to know what info they have already provided across each of those channels.   To achieve this level of awareness and seamless connectivity, the customer experience today must:

  • Offer multiple channel of communication and interactions (SMS, Chat, Voice, Mobile).
  • Deliver a personalized experience that is relevant to each customer’s needs (AI).
  • Be proactive, delivering information before they ask for it and offering reminders.
  • Be easy to navigate and enable customers to choose their path no matter the time, place or device.

While this all sounds wonderful for the customer, we know that creating this new modern experience requires investment.  Potentially, new technology, a revamp of the self-service channel and/or additional applications are needed to create that seamless and consistent interaction.   Can this experience facelift be worth it to businesses as well as to the customer?  Yes!  And Blueworx is focused on helping achieve real ROI results when you’re looking to update and refresh the customer experience.  Businesses can benefit in a big way with a modern approach:

  • Increase self-service containment/efficiency, reducing the amount of time live agents need to spend with customers.
  • Reduce the time to resolution and call handle time. More knowledge of the customer can drive a more relevant resolution and vastly reduce the time on the call.
  • Reduce customer churn and dissatisfaction. Overall if customers are getting what they need quickly without a bunch of fuss and frustration they will come back again and again.

The modern experience is all about customer enablement, empowerment and ease of use.  For businesses the bottom line must win as well, along with the ability to reduce the number of calls that come into the contact center and the amount of time that it takes to resolve the calls that require live interactions.  There is a way to create a win-win situation in this new era of the modern customer experience.

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