A Unique Partnership to Drive Transformation

Blueworx has deep legacy ties with IBM. Blueworx Voice Response (formerly known as IBM WebSphere Voice Response) was developed in IBM labs and deployed around the world. Blueworx purchased the platform in 2013 with a focus on continuing to build upon the platform and create new capabilities and opportunities for next-generation contact centers.

To deliver on the next generation of the Contact Center the combined the power of Blueworx Contact Center and IBM Voice Agent with the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson delivers results-oriented transformation that will meet the high demands and expectations of today’s customers.

A Powerful Combination

Delivers a seamless intelligent user interaction

Easily deploy Virtual Assistant or Chat Bot Apps

Blends traditional IVR features with the power of Watson

Massively scalable and reliable Telco-Grade Platform

Integrates with 3rd party CTI and Voice Biometric solutions

Flexible deployment Cloud or On-Premises

A Solution Like No Other

Blueworx Voice Conversation for IBM Voice Gateway brings integrated cognitive self-service and agent assistance services to traditional interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and VoiceXML support.

It enables organizations to utilize both traditional and cognitive IVR capabilities, which can be integrated with an existing call center environment and other third-party applications such as voice biometrics, PCI, outbound notifications and CTI applications. The breadth of access and integration enables services and support for the user experience, giving customers more options for a best-of-breed solution.

This powerful combination enables businesses to immediately take advantage of the cognitive capabilities offered by Watson and begin driving truly different levels of automated interactions within their self-service applications.

Key Customer Benefits

Blueworx Voice Conversation for IBM Voice Gateway enables application enhancements that benefit customers including:

  • Delivery of conversational user experiences that allow customers to quickly present and find resolution to common issues traditionally not handled by legacy IVR systems
  • Increases call completion through tighter natural language understanding
  • Enhances call routing and agent alignment for those calls that must be transferred by leveraging cognitive capabilities to match and align caller and agent skill and disposition types
  • Improves speech services to compliment the overall voice user experience
  • Creates a consistent experience across channels with OmniChannel capabilities
  • Offer proactive delivery of information to customers across any channel
  • Leverages a robust development environment to build and deploy applications quickly
  • Simplified integration of IBM Watson capabilities into existing infrastructure

Value At Every Interaction

Contact Center Transformation
  • Discovery assessment  
  • User experience design  
  • Customer experience optimization
Technology Enablement
  • Omni-channel interactions: self-service voice, chatbots  
  • Proactive outbound notifications: SMS, text, voice
  • Mobile applications: visual VR
  • Secure transactions: voice biometrics, PCI compliance
Power of AI in the Contact Center
  • IBM Watson  
  • Cognitive Self-service
  • Agent-assisted service
Operational Excellence
  • Contact center expertise
  • Deployment and implementation
  • Blueworx CX: tools for ease of development and deployment

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