Provide Secure Check and Credit Card Processing

Businesses that process, store or transmit credit card information must maintain a high level of payment security to keep customer information confidential and secure. Protect data and reduce the risk of exposure to PCI compliance issues in Contact Center agent-based credit card processing with Blueworx PCI Secure Payment Solution.

Blueworx PCI Secure Payment Solution

With PCI Secure Payment you can depend on the security of each transaction leveraging our PCI compliant payment gateway, hosted infrastructure and optimized IVR application. Your existing application has 80% of the features necessary to run PCI Secure Payment in the current “Press or Say” call flow design. Our team can customize the remaining 20% to meet your integration and reporting requirement to achieve full PCI Compliance.

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Blueworx offers a customized PCI Secure Payment application that can be adapted to the way that you do business. Let us help you add a sense of payment security for your customers with a free PCI consultation. Contact us today.