interactive-voice-response-heroContact Centers experience many challenges across business units as they try to satisfy customer expectations. Keeping your customers happy and loyal can be a huge differentiator for your business. On the other hand, keeping your agents happy and engaged is another challenge that is often overlooked when talking about customer experience.

According to the findings of Contact Center Pipeline’s survey, the four biggest challenges faced by businesses when it comes to meeting the needs of both parties are:

  1. High agent attrition
  2. Lack of or poor cross-departmental collaboration
  3. Insufficient self service
  4. Inability to meet service level for average speed of answer

The key is to create an experience that supports the expectations and needs of customers while empowering agents to deliver their best service. By implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your customer experience, your business can quickly turn challenges to wins.

AI’s Impact on Attrition

This Blog will focus on the first of the four biggest challenges; high agent attrition. Keeping skilled and knowledgeable agents is important to creating a culture of service excellence. When it comes to agent attrition, there many opportunities where AI can help reduce friction and maintain employees.

  • Skilled Candidates – AI engines can assist HR in automating the search for candidates from resume review to the ability to predict the best fit based on experience. AI can take a mundane task and turn it into a more efficient process.
  • Tools for Success – Nothing is worse than not having the tools you need to do your job. AI engines can provide agents with customized and personalized suggestions for resolving a caller’s issue. The agent is better equipped resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
  • Performance Metrics – AI engines can provide a non- biased review of data to aid in performance reviews. Key data can be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of agents and management and identify areas of improvement or training required.
  • Agent Engagement – Incorporating AI into contact center solutions, management can quickly gauge an agent’s level of engagement and notify managers. Managers can work with agents to identify how best to re-engage them through additional training or feedback.

Ultimately, AI can assist managers in more effectively managing the contact center and keeping the pulse on performance, having a significant impact on customer satisfaction.

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