The Building Blocks of the Cognitive Contact Center.

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Every time you call into a business for assistance is an experience. Whether it is a good or bad experience can all depend on how easily you achieve your objective.

Typically, you are presented with generic routing options – and sometimes you’re not sure which of the  choices given address the reason you are calling. You repeat the menu again, only to be frustrated that nothing matches what you are contacting them about. The next and seemingly only option is to just press zero to get to a live agent. This process translates to lost opportunity and lost money, not to mention a frustrated customer and agent.

What if that experience could be significantly different? Even enjoyable? Imagine that when you call you are greeted in a more natural, free form conversational manner.  You hear something like “Thank you for calling.  Please tell me why you are calling today.” Match that with the ability of the system to understand and learn from each interaction in order to deliver more relevant options and you’ve got a winner.

This approach offers customers a different – even enjoyable experience. So, how do you create this experience?  You leverage the power of IBM Watson artificial intelligence (AI) and Blueworx IVR to deliver a more efficient and natural interaction. Download our White Paper to find out more.

Download The Building Blocks of the Cognitive Contact Center.

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