The Blueworx team is wrapping up our presence at the IBM THINK event in Las Vegas today. The massive show provided excellent intel on why artificial intelligence will significantly change the way we work today, across every industry on a global scale. AI is a technology that will most definitely change how we view self-service and every kind of customer engagement with businesses. During her on stage opening at Think, Ginni Rometty, President and CEO of IBM, talked about the significance of this time in history and how we are on the verge a major shift. The time where process and technology surge at the same moment has only occurred at two other periods in history – and the impacts are still with us today.

So, the question becomes “What are you doing about it?” How will you embrace this new era of intelligent interactions, cognitive self-service and the balance of man with technology?

Blueworx is partnering with IBM Voice Gateway to enable businesses to enhance their customer experience and tap into the cognitive capabilities that turbocharge self-service interactions. This powerful combination is set to help transform the traditional self-service into a more relevant and relational experience for customers.

Combining the power of the IBM Voice Gateway with the Blueworx voice response enables businesses to deliver a more dynamic, multi-channel, natural and fluid customer experience. Customers will go through a process that allows a conversational approach to their interactions and receive resolution or information to their inquiries more quickly than in traditional interactions handled by legacy IVRs.

No other combination can deliver a single solution that allows customers to utilize both traditional and cognitive IVR capabilities which can be integrated with an existing contact center environment as well as other third-party applications like CTI or voice biometrics. An existing investment in IVR and speech technologies can continue to be leveraged and improved through the IVR capabilities in Blueworx, while new cognitive capabilities can be deployed for specific call flows within the call center. Routing the call through Blueworx provides seamless integration of application types, enabling a gradual migration to the cognitive services.

If you are ready to RETHINK your customer experience and create a strategy that will transform your traditional self-service experience into a complete personalized, multi-channel and cognitive experience, contact us today. We are ready to assist!