We live in a world where pizza delivery gets to your home faster than the police.  No offense intended members of law enforcement.  Rather, kudos to all those technologists out there that have enabled the consumer to consume their company’s product via a myriad of channels.  Just the other day, I had to scramble to get a gift for a high school senior for his birthday.  In a matter of moments I found a restaurant near the campus of the university he’ll attend in the fall, and was chatting on-line with someone at that restaurant about getting a gift card out to me ASAP because his party was in 3 days.  This wasn’t some mega-chain restaurant, but rather a single location, local business.  So, if you work for a company that doesn’t have an omni-channel contact center presence – get moving…quickly, because if Fatback’s Smokin’ Racks in Quincy, IL has web chat, and you don’t…well, you can draw your own conclusions.

But what if you have all the channels needed for your contact center but you’re still getting negative reviews and customer attrition due to poor service?  Time to look at the experience you’re providing.  In the world of evolving customer expectations, we are finding 6 major themes that drive an excellent customer experience in the contact center.

  1. Do you know me?
  2. Do you fit into my life on my terms?
  3. Do you allow me to be mobile?
  4. Do you save me time?
  5. Do you make me a smarter customer?
  6. Do you allow me to self-serve

Implementing change that answers these questions will drive automation rates up, handle time down and CSAT through the roof – which ultimately leads to customer retention and loyalty as well as increased wallet share.  If you aren’t addressing these 6 items, all your contact center is doing is routing your customers to your competition.

If you’re ready to start tackling these challenges, we’d be happy to assist you with a complimentary discovery.   You can learn more about this program at: https://www.blueworx.com/free-user-experience-discovery-assessment/.