Changes in the customer experience journey are happening fast.  There is no slowing down or stopping the convergence of technology and the increasing demands for quick, relevant and personalized customer interactions.  The stakes are high when it comes to the customer experience and it is not just the Contact Center that needs to take notice – the customer experience is a whole company issue.

Not Just for the Contact Center

Transformation is not just about the advances in technology, it’s about how we are using that information across the organization, at every entry point of interaction, in order to deliver a seamless, consistent and cognitive experience.  Every department in your company, from Marketing to Sales to Customer Service, has data on customer behavior and that collective data can be used to meet and even exceed the demands of customers.  Your brand, website, notifications and certainly your self-service channels, whether voice or chat, demonstrate your commitment to the customer. Is the experience conversational, personal, seamless and device independent?  If not, it’s time to stop kicking the tires while debating how to create a cognitive customer experience and take action.

A cognitive customer experience takes advantage of data from external, internal, structured and/or unstructured voice and multi-channel sources, uniting the information to deliver an encounter and response that is more conversational, relevant and personal.  Changing customer preferences and behaviors are more easily met by the cognitive ability to understand, reason and learn from every interaction.  This enables all parts of the business to take advantage of data collected from different areas of the business to be used to improve responses and drive increasingly better interactions and loyalty overall.

Forces of Transformation

There are four major forces at work that are making this a critical topic for most organizations:

  • The increasing value of Customer Experience as a market differentiator.
  • The speed at which customer demands and behaviors are changing.
  • The cognitive capabilities that make collecting, learning, and understanding data in real time a reality.
  • Market leaders who are figuring out how to combine knowledge with technology to magnify the customer experience.

Customer Experience is at a cross roads of change and transformation, adding a new level of engagement across the organization.  Taking advantage of those forces that are pressuring organizations to evaluate their strategy, technology and general understanding of customer behavior will set the pace for the cognitive revolution.


IBM and Blueworx know the contact center and the impact that enabling cognitive capabilities can have on the customer experience.  To learn more about how IBM and Blueworx are helping organizations transform their contact centers by attending our Webinar scheduled for October 23, 2018 at 11:00 a.m.  Register for the Webinar here.