Our team recently attended the IBM THINK show and demonstrated the power of artificial intelligence in the contacts center leveraging Blueworx Voice Response with IBM Voice Gateway and IBM Watson.  In a recent blog post by Jay Zelter, Worldwide Hybrid Cloud Executive at IBM, titled “At The Tipping Point:  Transformation in the Contact Center”, Jay states that we must take a different approach to meeting changing customer expectations.  Combining the power of IBM Voice Gateway and Blueworx Voice Response, IBM Watson enables us to deliver a fresh and powerful cognitive contact center experience.  Today, Blueworx releases BVR 7.5 for Linux which adds support for this integration.

New Release of Blueworx Voice Response 7.5 for Linux

Blueworx Voice Response for Linux 7.5 introduces a complete Cognitive Contact Center solution supported by the integration of IBM Voice Gateway and IBM Watson Conversation with Blueworx Voice Response.

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