Successful enterprises understand the importance of customer loyalty. 52% of people stop using a company’s products or services based on bad customer service interactions. And their opinion matters. Users take reviews into account 88% of the time when deciding if they should start doing business with a company.

Enhancing the Contact Center Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers companies the opportunity to improve the customer experience with their contact center. It’s not about replacing people with robots – most people still prefer a live interaction with a person over the phone. It’s about making call centers more interactive and responsive to the needs of both customers and representatives, where people and intelligence work together seamlessly.

Let’s discuss different ways the power of AI can help contact centers meet the demands of callers.

Assistance At a Faster Rate

Callers expect to be directed to someone capable of handling their demands. Nothing frustrates people more than being bounced around from one customer service agent to another without having their problem handled. This leads to hang-ups, which leads to bad reviews and to vows to never use the company again.

AI eases this situation by evaluating a customer’s needs while cross-referencing a search for agents capable of handling that request. By the time a customer has finished speaking,  AI knows where to direct the call. This leads to less wait time and confusion for the caller.

Representatives Get A Virtual Assistant

AI uses its cognitive skills to pull up information related to the customer’s questions while reps engage the customer.

Examples of interactions include:

  • Finding a troubleshooting guide helpful to the agent so they can walk through device fixes with a customer.
  • Pulling up lists of business locations near a caller.
  • Automatically send an email containing the information requested by a customer to an email address on file.
  • Locating the billing and payment history of a caller for a specific time period.

Spending less time on administrative tasks allows reps to respond to and resolve issues faster. Positive interactions increase the chance of customers coming back for repeat business.

Eases Things Through All Channels

AI provides benefits to contact centers beyond just phone interactions. It’s also capable of responding to chat or email requests from customers, providing any information needed without manual intervention from anyone else. Anything beyond the capability of the AI can be immediately directed immediately to a live person. That causes minimal disruption to the customer’s experience and allows reps to focus on more complex situations.

The best AI solutions seamlessly integrate themselves into the interactions between customers and representatives. AI can shorten the time it takes to handle common service requests and help manage pain points when a situation becomes more complex.

The Push Towards AI

55% of business plan to invest in some type of AI-powered solution by 2020. Choose a solution capable of adapting to the needs of your customers and employees. Successfully integrating AI capabilities into your contact center could pay off in big ways for your company’s bottom line.  Contact Blueworx to get you started  or help you improve AI integration in your contact center.