Blueworx is committed to providing the best service and support available by applying innovative thinking while finding creative solutions that will ensure we deliver the best applications and experiences possible. As we move forward on our mission to take customers on a journey that exceeds their expectations, we are excited to share a glimpse of new technologies and trends taking place in the world of contact centers in the upcoming year.

Fraud Prevention

Unfortunately, criminals have redirected their efforts from online companies to focus on contact center attacks. To maintain a high level of payment security and remove sensitive cardholder data from applications and networks, Blueworx PCI Secure Payment Solution helps to ensure your customer information is kept confidential and secure. Using IVR, customers are able to share payment card data in a secure manner while achieving full PCI Compliance.

Artificial Intelligence

With contact centers being a rich resource of data and artificial intelligence (AI) relying on vast quantities of data, the combination of the two is going to transform how contact centers operate. Using AI applications, businesses are digging deeper into predictive analytics to help streamline calls. While these changes won’t happen overnight, AI will transform the role of agents while providing deep business insight over the next few years. AI will play a key role in the ability to exceed customer expectations. The growing use of AI-enabled assistant’s has given consumers an appetite for intelligent conversational interfaces that can quickly resolve common issues and meet their needs seamlessly.


To provide a more personal feel to resolutions and to improve the customer experience, a cross-channel content strategy, referred to as omnichannel, can be used for the benefit of both the agent and the customer. The agent simply serves as a beneficiary of integration as the work is distributed to the appropriate resource regardless of the channel being used. Omnichannel is designed to allow resources and the communication channels to all cooperate and work together. Understanding the customer interaction both internally and across all channels is an important element that must be present to be true omnichannel. This content strategy gives analysts, managers and supervisors the ability to assess where changes are needed to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of all interactions. In addition, reports can provide direction for training, scheduling, and forecasting.

Visual IVR

Customers looking for answers want an effortless experience and resolution. The use of Visual IVR will take customers on a self-service journey that improves call containment while enhancing the overall customer experience. From self-service to agent assistance, the Visual IVR module will allow customers to visually follow the path of voice interaction. With visually guided menus, customers don’t have to listen to multiple options or participate in voice recognition and menu prompts. Instead, they can quickly select what they need with a simple click or touch, saving them both time and frustration.

Customer Experience

Our robust customer satisfaction measurements will help businesses identify where they need to improve. Even though advanced cloud communications have made it easier for remote contact center workers to work within a structured contact center environment, there is still a need for better self-service problem solving. With easy to navigate FAQs and self-serve solutions on businesses’ websites, businesses hope to provide customers with information quickly, thus lowering overall call volumes.

The Blueworx platform is committed to delivering an excellent experience by being responsive, flexible, knowledgeable, and by listening to feedback. We are focused on transforming traditional self-service experiences into seamless, omnichannel, personalized and proactive interactions. Contact us for additional information.