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Unified Messaging


The diversity of communication devices and systems available to users today can be overwhelming. Unified Messaging for Blueworx provides a consolidated access point for all their communication needs — enabling employees to centrally retrieve and manage a variety of messages, including mobile phone, voicemail, email and fax. The solution is so flexible and scalable that large telcos use it for massive voicemail deployments across their business.

Enable employees to use the interface they want to access the messages they need, at the time they need them.

  • Provide a single view of messages, making them easier to manage  
  • Improve productivity by enabling users to respond rapidly to messages and prioritize activities
  • Make all types of messages, including email, fax and landline voicemail, easily accessible over the phone or Internet  
  • Play email messages over the phone using text to speech (TTS)  
  • Streamlines message notifications from a variety of sources
  • Enable configurable mailbox preferences

Unified Messaging for Blueworx:

Provides a central messaging service
  • Offers a scalable, high-availability, carrier-grade unified messaging server.
  • Gives users a unified mailbox for voicemail, email and faxes.
Facilitates a high level of information access
  • Menu system and applications can be customized.
  • Voice recognition interface enables hands-free operation.
  • Written in customizable VoiceXML.
Delivers a single view of messages
  • Makes it possible to receive and retrieve messages without a mailbox.
  • Enables recipients to prioritize messages.
  • Scales to meet growing needs.
Offers access to email through a WAP interface
  • LDAP server and operates with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), fax and IBM AIX®
  • Supports Internet Protocol message transport to help reduce voice network charges.
  • Offers a web-based subscriber interface.
  • Provides an attendant that delivers service when the message recipient is unknown.

Learn why Blueworx is used by service providers who want to deliver high-quality unified messaging services—and by businesses that need to simplify and streamline communications for customers and employees.


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