Design with the right mix of innovation and humanity to create the best customer experience.

Do you remember the last great customer experience you had? Was it in a retail store? Or, was it while you were making an online purchase? Or maybe it was over the phone buying that special something? Try to recall what it was that made that experience great for you. Maybe it was the knowledgeable sales person who greeted and helped you throughout the store. Or it could have been the helpful agent at the online chat box who quickly answered all your questions. If you were on the phone, perhaps you were greeted by name and had a more personalized experience. Whatever your experience was, most likely there was a mixture of technology and human contact.

The Ultimate Customer Experience

User Experience (UX) Design is intended to develop clear, efficient, user-friendly interactions between customers and businesses through a variety of applications. It is more than just recording prompts for your IVR with a voice that ‘sounds good’ or designing a call flow that gets the customer where they need to go. An effective communication interface is intuitive. It is efficient, saving customers’ time and keeping their frustration levels down. A connection is made that is clear and easy to understand, giving the customer a positive experience.

Our User Experience Design Process

Blueworx offers a focused process to enhance the quality of each interaction a customer has with your company — which then drives increased satisfaction and loyalty. Our team of UX experts dig deep into understanding the behaviors of your customers to identify areas for satisfaction and productivity improvements throughout your IVR call flow. Whether you are creating a new call flow or looking to improve and revamp an existing experience, we are confident that we can uncover critical areas of opportunity.

Our experts use a three-phase process to uncover and deliver the ultimate customer experience:

Our objective for each UX Design project is to improve the quality of every interaction between the user and all areas of your businesses. The results will be obvious:  improved usability, better accessibility and the pleasure you have provided during the interaction itself.

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