Create an interactive digital self-service journey that delights customers.

Deliver the perfect combination of rich digital media and voice for an interactive journey that dramatically enhances self-service capabilities for every customer transaction.

Visual IVR uniquely combines rich digital media with voice applications for an interactive self-service journey that dramatically enhances the customer experience. Creating a visual self-service experience offers customers the ability to communicate through visual menus and digital content and serves to improve call containment, self-service containment and create a better customer experience.

Key Features
Visual Interface

Extend the power of your Voice channel and create an interactive digital experience for self-service that improves containment.

Visual Call Routing

Enable customers to follow along visually the path of the voice interaction from self-service to agent assistance.

Secure Authentication

Security is top of mind with self-service authentication for customers using a mobile device with multiple methods like fingerprint, drawing pattern, web or mobile credentials in order to authenticate.

Mobile Marketing

Deliver non-disruptive, personalized promotions or banner ads while customers is navigating a self-service application.  Increase the opportunity for cross sell and up sell interactions.

Collaborative Document Sharing

Leverage the visual IVR experience to enable customers to complete or sign documents while in the self-service digital journey.  This collaborative interaction increases self-service containment, speeds the process of resolution and often increases success of sales opportunities.

Post Call Follow Up

Gain insight to each customer interaction with a self-service post call survey or feedback form, delivered directly to the customers mobile phone prior to the end of the call.   After a call completes, all data is logged and sent to a post-call-queue.  While the customers mobile is still connected, a post call survey or feedback form is delivered for completion prior to end of the connection.

Benefits of leveraging Visual IVR for Contact Center customer interactions:
  • Reduce call volumes and handle times
  • Optimize self-service channel and increase containment rates
  • Expedite first contact resolution through self-service channel
  • Deliver a seamless experience across channels delivered on a digital device
  • Enhance the overall customers experience for those who prefer mobile interactions
  • Increase sales conversion of promotions and sales engagements

To find out more about how Blueworx can assist in adding a Visual IVR experience to your Contact Center, contact us and let’s get started.

To find out more about how Blueworx can assist in adding a Visual IVR experience to your Contact Center, contact us and let’s get started.