BW Blog iStock_000027270317_FullAre your customers being greeted in a friendly and professional way when they contact you? You know – like those folks that stand at the front of the store and greet you with a big smile and welcome you. A kind greeting or “can I help you find anything” can make your trip and experience great.

We have all had good and bad encounters in brick and mortar stores. So what about when your customers call, email, or use chat on your website? Are they being greeted professionally? Does the voice that speaks to them and directs them match your company brand? Most businesses understand that branding is important in any advertising and in the performance of online content, so why not consider ensuring that your IVR voice is consistent with your company brand as well.

So, what do we mean by “match your company brand?” Your IVR is the voice of your brand, the persona or personality. Does it fit your internal culture? Is it providing the external positioning that you want to portray to customers? Voice branding is part of the image your company projects through words and tone as your IVR greets and directs your customers. It is a unique combination of a selected voice ‘talent’, the dialogue used and how the flow of the call is structured. Each part is equally important in creating an experience that will make it easy for the customer to interact with your company in a positive way and to have a favorable memory of the interaction.

Here are 5 simple steps to create a brand voice for your IVR.

  1. Define who your customers are and what are they calling for.
  2. Create a persona or personality that encompasses the tone, approach, intellect and culture of your company. How do you want customers to perceive your organization? Fun, witty, professional, serious, comfortable, helpful?
  3. Engage with a professional User Experience Designer (UX) to ensure you build an intuitive, efficient, and performance based call flow.
  4. Partner with a professional talent to record your voice – don’t use Cathy in accounting because she has a great voice. Professionals can deliver a consistent voice personality that aligns with your brand.
  5. Measure performance of your IVR so you can make data-driven changes that increase the overall effectiveness of your customer experience.

A well designed customer experience can drive customer loyalty, increase business and enhance overall customer satisfaction. You want your customers to enjoy interacting with you – so why not take the time to make every interaction count.

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