Welcoming Customer InteractionsThink about the last time you walked into a store and felt welcomed, like they were excited that you were there. The sales person wanted to help you and worked to understand your needs to assist you in your shopping journey. What about the last time you had a dinner party?  Did you just know that your guests felt welcomed and enjoyed being with you? These moments are what you call a “personal experience.” How can businesses translate these personal kinds of feelings into a process which creates a customer experience that is memorable?

In a business setting you are constantly looking for issues to fix, at practices that seem broken or at crisis management around bad customer experiences. What if you used the same amount of energy to take the processes or customer experiences that were good and made them excellent – taking them from just ok to great experiences? Is this possible using technology and simply making changes to the customer experience with a new approach to communications?

Customers are interacting with businesses every day, searching for those welcoming experiences. You must ask yourself if your company – your brand – offers relationship-building interactions or if you are ruining them.

In the book the Power of Moments, Chip and Dan Heath take a crack at answering some of these questions. They seek to define and understand if your approach of constant problem solving, or in their words “filling the potholes”, is holding you back from making great experiences for your customers – and ultimately impacting revenues. There is power in bringing more humanity back into the customer experience – no matter what channel customers are using to interact with your business.

In this on-demand, high expectation, take no prisoners world we live in you really have no other choice then to invest in the customer experience. Creating more meaningful, intelligent and proactive interactions for the customers you have today will impact your bottom line. It’s time to make your customers feel welcomed, like you would a good friend.

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